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Civil liability: damages and warranted award

FLLF is a solid reference in the field of civil liability and warranted award for damages in general, both contractual and illicit.

The breach of contract or the commission of an illegitimate illicit act that causes unjust damage to others necessitates the right of the injured party to claim compensation for patrimonial damages.

It is not possible to list all of the hypotheses from which a compensable damage can derive, however, among the cases that our Study deals with most frequently are: personal injury, biological damage, moral damages, existential damages , damage from parental loss, damage from death, damage from road accidents, damage from falls due to bad or omitted road maintenance, damage to the Public Administration and Private entities, medical or medical negligence, damage from professional liability, aircraft damage, railway damage, naval damage, damage from reputation and image damage, condominium damage, damage from ruined holiday, damage from unfair competition, damage from unfair duration of the process, damage from bullying, damage from accidents at work, damage from non-performance of a contract and in general of an obligation, damages from contractual misconduct.

The customer who turns to the Studio has a dedicated assistance in compensation for the damage suffered also through the help of expert specialists who support us in the description of the dynamics of the accident, as well as in the assessment and quantification of the damage.

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