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Planning of the so called generational transition in Family Business

Our team has deepened the specific theme of the planning of the generational change in Family Companies, such as small, medium-sized and large: we provide specific advice to Families who lead the so-called Family Businesses, with the purpose of giving knowledge in how to deal best and on time with generational passage in favor of their descendants in the most pragmatic way.

It is a sensitive and crucial issue for the continuation of the Family Businesses, since it does not only concern transfers of quotas or roles of corporate charges, but, above all, know-how and values, a wealth of knowledge and business skills.

Our Firm starts from the principle that the corporate wealth of the company is superior to any party interest and can support the Entrepreneur and the Family in the different phases and types of generational transition, through a careful analysis and technical evaluation of the structure and estimated evolution of the Family, of the property and of the Company.

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